Food alone cannot satisfy the human mind. Doppio Zero works with several artists each year to exhibit their work free of any charges or commissions. Please contact us at if you are interested in exhibiting your artworks with us!

Sarah Tse "The Collection of Pencil Drawings Collage"

Jean Wang Calabrese (1945-1999) "Collection of Jean's depiction of Venice and Hong Kong as well as still-life works"

Grace Pineda-Camacho, "Threshold" Oil on Canvas

Grand So, "Imperfect Shapes", ink on paper
Jackey Tse, "Europe", photo on canvas

Andrew Chan, "AC / DZ / HK", oil on canvas

Fiona Wan, "Smiles", photography

Wokai Microfunding Charity, "Day in a Life", photography on metallic film

Thomas Lee, "Propheads", photography

Grand So, "Life & Rebirth", oil on canvas

Jacmila, "Jacmila Originals", stencils and oil on canvas